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Unka Ladd aka Ladd Huntley(non-registered)
WOW !! What I've seen has been soooo impressive. THE COLORS ARE SO PURE AND VIBRANT.
Dear Ben and Pat, When I picked up my cute little newborn nephew guy from his baby-sitters in Fairbanks and held him in my punk teenage arms, he really impressed me even though I was too "cool" to fully admit it. I brought him to his parent's apartment and enjoyed the companionship for a while. No one could have ever convinced me then that this pinkish bundle would have ever evolved into the tower of talent that he is today. These galleries are spectacular but they are just part of the package of successes that he and his lovely wife Pat have generated. Thank you both for brightening the lives of your family and now the rest of the world. With much love, Unka Ladd
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