"You can try to take the photographer out of the picture, but you can’t take the picture without the photographer."
Ben Carlson

In the beginning, I was one of those diamonds in the rough when it came to photography. I purchased my first Canon AE-1 in the 70’s and used it mostly for those family snapshots and outings. I got more serious in the late 80’s and into the 90’s by photographing landscapes and other things.

I was introduced to a man who became my photographic mentor. I will always be grateful for his years of fine art photographic experience/wisdom and the patience to share it with me. We continue to share experiences by going on photo outings and through our photographs. He’s still teaching and I’m still learning.

About this time I made the change from film to digital, Canon of course. This is where I found my artistic outlet that allows me to bring out the best in the photo as to what I experienced at the moment the image was captured.

I joined a local photography club, Emerald Photographic Society
http://www.emeraldphotographic.org/, where I entered my photos into competition. I was bestowed the honor of 2009 Photographer of the Year. I’ve received other awards in competitions outside the photography club, including the Lane County Fair, NPPNW (Nature Photographers of the Pacific Northwest) http://www.nppnw.org/, and 4C’s (Columbia Council of Camera Clubs) http://columbiacameraclubs.org/competitions. I am a three time award winner in the 2011 University of Oregon Outdoor Photography Competition.

The City of Veneta http://www.ci.veneta.or.us/visions.cfm, has selected submitted photos for 2010/2011 Fern Ridge area images of the month for the city's website.

I was the Emerald Photographic Society's 2011 Vice President and currently the 2012 President.

I live in the mid-valley area of Western Oregon. I am surrounded by the beautiful wonders of nature. In addition, the Oregon Coast is a short distance to the west and to the east is the Cascade Mountain Range, with the High Desert of Central Oregon just beyond. Whenever I go out, my camera and tripod are with me because I don’t know what photo opportunities are just around the corner. I realized a long time ago that if I don’t get that image now, I can’t go back to find it later. Sometimes that means getting up early or staying late to catch those rays of the magic hour and beyond. I want my photography to capture moments that may otherwise go unnoticed.

Good photographers take great pictures, great photographers create images. Sometimes I get asked, “Did you digitally manipulate the photo?” I’ll say that I take advantage of the available programs to bring out the best in the image that I can. What is done isn’t important, but the end results make me happy.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my work. Be sure to check back as I will continue to add new images. I’d appreciate hearing your feedback on my images, likes/dislikes.